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Baby Dove Launched A Personalized D2C Service For The Holidays

The new holiday season direct-to-consumer campaign from Baby Dove in Canada allows consumers to personalize the packaging via a microsite, ready for home delivery. It’s aimed at gifting for the holidays as well as birthdays and baby showers, and is part of a rollout that also covers the US and UK. Choosing a direct-to-consumer platform allows Dove to engage personally with consumers, gives it access to useful first-party data, and provides Dove with a space for piloting products.

"‘My Baby Dove’ Lets Parents Personalize Products", Brandchannel, November 23, 2018

Some New D2C Brands Are Linking Sexual Health And Overall Wellbeing

Maude is a online direct-to-consumer ‘sexual wellness’ brand, offering condoms, lubricants and vibrators, as well as items like scented candles. It has also opened a pop-up store in Williamsburg, New York. With sexual health being seen increasingly as crucial for general wellbeing, Maude is one of a number of new brands addressing this market. Others include Hims, for men, and a brand extension for women called, of course, Hers. Moon Juice offers a range of dietary ‘dusts’ that the brand claims can kickstart your libido and improve sexual endurance. Maude is eschewing eroticism in promoting its products, preferring to encourage consumers to see it as a lifestyle brand, highlighting it as an element in overall wellness.

"Sexual healing", Contagious, November 23, 2018

A Facebook Chatbot Is Driving Traffic And Sales For Wander Beauty

Wander Beauty says that half of its sales are via its e-commerce site, with mobile the main driver. The high-end brand is expanding its online communication with consumers by using a Facebook chatbot. It asks customers six questions and the answers are used for product recommendations chosen by a customer service team. In the four months since it was launched, 17 percent of customers engaged with the chatbot and bought something, well above the industry average. Around 70 percent of its e-commerce traffic is coming from mobile and the chatbot within Facebook Messenger is helping to promote dialog between the brand and customers on the move. 

"How Wander Beauty is using a chatbot to increase sales", Glossy, November 21, 2018

Industry Expert Pinpoints Data From D2C As The Holy Grail For Brands

One industry expert claims that D2C brand marketers are kicking traditional brands’ butts. Terry Kawaja of Luma Partners recently gave his “Fire Your CMO” presentation to the Association of National Advertisers' Masters of Marketing Conference. D2C brands are winning, he says, because of their convenience-focused distribution models and innovative approaches to accessing consumer data. They are demonstrating that consumers are happy to provide data if there is value in doing so, such as easier shopping or a superior experience. They are also proving that it’s more important to know why someone bought something than what it was, especially as customer preferences are fluid, even within the same day. When brands understand that, he says, they will start to know their customers. They can then engage with them, and build their trust and loyalty.

"Why DTCD (Direct-To-Consumer DATA) Is Secret To DTC Success", MediaPost , November 21, 2018

Dollar Shave Club Is Launching Blueprint, A Male Fragrance Line

Dollar Shave Club, the Unilever-owned subscription-based direct-to-consumer brand, continues to extend the line beyond its male grooming origins, with a line of six fragrances, called Blueprint. Founder and CEO, Michael Dubin, said fragrance for men is a part of what men want in the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead, and most of DSC’s members have more than one cologne. Fragrance developer Ann Gottlieb said DSC’s fragrances are premium products at affordable price. DSC offered existing customers samples of fragrances in their DSC boxes, and the new products will become a part of the brand’s full-service offering, which it has been testing. DSC is also testing physical retail with vending machines selling trial-size versions of the brands’ products. 

"DTC brand Dollar Shave Club expands its portfolio with fragrances", Glossy, November 20, 2018

COVERGIRL Unveils Its Flagship Store In New York’s Times Square

The end of November saw the opening of the COVERGIRL TIMES SQUARE flagship store, the brand’s first permanent outlet. It’s on two levels and offers shoppers a virtual greeter, called Olivia, who can give beauty advice or direct you to a product you want. There are also Holition augmented reality stations for virtually try-ons, a customization station for customers to personalize products, and a makeup and advisory service from COVERGIRL BFFs (Brow Friends Forever). 

"COVERGIRL Opens Times Square Flagship Store", BUSINESS WIRE , November 19, 2018

Clinique iD Provides Customized Hydration To Address Specific Skin Concerns

Now available on is Clinique iD, a personalized system for skin hydration based on its Dramatically Different Moisturizer skin lotions. Visitors to the site first choose from one of the lotions as a base, then add one of five active concentrate cartridges to mix with it. The cartridges fit inside the selected moisturizer and contain a formulation designed to address the user’s skin concern, such as irritated skin, wrinkles, or skin fatigue. Clinique’s approach may go some way towards addressing the issue that women can’t find a moisturizer that’s right for their face: the brand ran a survey of US women and found that 86 percent of respondents cited this as a concern. To help users choose the right blend, Clinique will next year roll out online and in stores the digital Clinical Reality questionnaire. A 125ml bottle is priced at $39 and should last three months with the recommended twice-daily application. 

"Clinique Launches Clinique iD, a Personalized Moisturizer Range for Every Skin Concern", Allure, November 16, 2018

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